Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wis GOP hits new low (is that even possible...?)

Apparently lying to senior citizens isn't enough for supporters of Tommy Thompson in his campaign for Wisconsin's US Senate seat.  Now, someone on his behalf is sending recorded calls to senior citizens in Washington County and using their individual doctor's name, saying that Obama's Affordable Health Care Act may prevent them from ever being treated by their doctor again.  And then callers are reminded to vote for Tommy Thompson.

Seriously?  Is that all you got, Tommy?  Trying to scare seniors into voting for you?  Why not just say that "death squads" will take care of seniors under Obamacare? (oh, wait, that's right, the GOP said that already...).

The clinic and doctor in question vehemently denied any association with the calls and uncategorically stated that neither the doctor nor clinic endorses or has endorsed any candidate.  Oh, by the way, a clinic employee said they had also received a call from someone who got the same call using Romney's name.

Very, very classy, GOP.

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